Account Service provided on-line by the Service Provider; a part of the Website dedicated exclusively to the User, which allows for the use of the Services.
Representative A person who represents the company and/or as a User is responsible for operating the company's account under proper authorisation.
Carrier A natural or legal person offering transport on a regular or occasional basis to the general public.
Regulations These Regulations governing the performance of Agreements and the provision of Services.
Website The website can be found at
Agreement Agreement concluded between the Service Provider and the User, the subject matter of which concerns the use of the Services by the User, and the general provisions of which are specified in the Regulations.
Sales Agreement The agreement, concluded between the Seller and the User pertaining to the sale of goods.
Services The agreement, concluded between the Seller and the User pertaining to the sale of goods.
Service Provider AIT Limited liability company with its registered office in Unieszewo, address: Promykowa 8, 11-036 Unieszewo, Poland entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Olsztyn, 8th Commercial Division under KRS number 0000822997, holding Tax Identification Number (NIP) 7393936149, National Business Registry Number (REGON) 385313278, with the share capital of PLN 5,000.
User A natural person having the capacity to perform legal acts, using the Services under the rules specified in the Regulations


These Regulations contain general terms and conditions of using the services provided by the service provider, i.e. the limited liability company AIT Sp. z o.o., via the website

These Regulations are presented to each User free of charge on the Website before conclusion of the Agreement, as well as - at their request - in a form which enables the capture, playback and recording of the Regulations' contents using the ICT system used by the User.

The User may use the Services only after having read and accepted the content of the Regulations and Privacy Policy beforehand. If the User does not accept the Regulations or the Privacy Policy, he/she shall not be able to use the Services. Starting to use the Services is equivalent to the acceptance of the Regulations and the Privacy Policy by the User without any reservations. Each instance of logging in means acceptance of the current Regulations and rules concerning business relationship between AIT Sp. z o.o. and Users of the Website.

The Privacy Policy as a document regulating the security of privacy protection and processing of personal data of the Users constitutes a supplement to these Regulations and is available at

The Website and its individual elements, including its design and content, are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights. These elements may not be reproduced, distributed or published by the User, neither in part nor in their entirety, without the explicit consent of the Service Provider. In particular, the Regulations do not allow the User to reproduce, distribute, lend, dispose of or redistribute in any other way, either directly or indirectly, whether for a fee or free of charge, any of the elements of the Website without the Service Provider's consent.


In order to use the Services and all the features, the following minimum technical requirements must be met on the User's side: (a) a device with Internet access, (b) an active e-mail account; (c) an active mobile phone number. Additionally, to access the Website, an up-to-date web browser must also be installed with Cookies and JavaScript enabled.

In order to use the Services provided by AIT Sp. z o.o., proper registration is required. The User is also required to confirm his/her e-mail address. The account shall be activated following the Service Provider's verification of the submitted data of the business entity being registered as well as that of its Representative.

By accepting the Regulations, the User declares that the represented company, regardless of its type, has been properly incorporated, actually exists and has the economic capacity to meet the obligations arising from the Orders. Where the User is not authorised to represent the company as per the registration document, he/she must additionally declare that he/she is authorised to accept the Terms of service and to conclude Agreements.

The User is held accountable for all information provided or made available and confirms that it is accurate, complete and will be continuously updated.


Using the Website is free of charge. The prices of the Order given on the Website are net prices, given in Euro. A separate delivery cost is also indicated in the summary.

The total price of the Order is calculated based on the options selected by the User in the Order form, according to the rates indicated therein. The final price is indicated to the User in the summary of the Order when sending it to the Service Provider. If any inaccuracy in the calculated price of the Order appears, the Service Provider shall immediately inform the User and its occurrence.

Payment for orders shall be made to a bank account denominated in EUR.

The User is obliged to make payment for the Order within 7 days from the conclusion of the Sales Agreement at the latest.

An invoice shall be issued for each sold item, thus confirming the conclusion of the Sales Agreement. The accounting document constitutes a confirmation of key elements of the placed Order.


The User shall bear the shipping costs according to the delivery price indicated in the Order form. Sending the Order is dependent on payment of the due amount for the Order, i.e. both for the goods and for the delivery. The goods shall be sent to the address indicated in the Order form. By default, the address is filled in using the details specified in the Account.

Transport shall be performed by entities independent of the Service Provider. The consignments are insured each time.

The risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods shall be transferred over to the User upon their release. If the User notices that the transport has suffered a loss, damage or other infringement, he/she is obliged to prepare the protocol with a description of the condition of the consignment and the circumstances of the damage together with the Carrier.


Upon activation of the Account, an Agreement for an indefinite period of time is concluded between the Service Provider and the User. An email confirming the activation will be sent to the email address specified by the User.

This Agreement may be terminated at any time, with the 7-day notice period. In the event of termination, it is sufficient to notify AIT Sp. z o.o. in writing or send an e-mail to the customer service centre. AIT Sp. z o.o. may also terminate the agreement at any time, provided that it maintains the 7-day notice period. Regardless of the notice, the right to block the account permanently or temporarily remains unaffected. Transactions concluded before and during the termination of the Agreement are binding to the extent they were concluded. The termination of this Agreement shall not constitute the basis for any refund, unless stipulated otherwise by mandatory legal regulations.

The User is responsible for all activities that take place in and through the Account (unless a third party has hacked into the Account). Therefore, the User may not make the Account available to third parties and is responsible for keeping the login and password confidential. If the User notices that an unauthorized party is using or has used the Account, he/she is obliged to immediately inform the Service Provider about this. The Account is also inalienable and non-transferable.

Multiple Users may log in to a given Account owned by a business entity. Each of these Users should have an individual login and password.


In the event of any problems with the functionality of the Website or other types of problems relating to the provision of the Services, the User should contact the Service Provider via e-mail sent to .

If the notification concerns an error found on the Website, the User should describe the error as accurately as possible, so that the Service Provider can immediately proceed to its correction.


AIT Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to limit the User's access to the Services, to conditionally block the account or disable it (permanent blockade). Such a situation may occur if there is a suspicion that User's actions violate the provisions of the law, rights of third parties or general terms and conditions, including these Regulations. Such actions aim at protecting AIT Sp. z o.o. and its contractors against detrimental activity of the User. Such violations shall be understood as, among others:

It is not possible to restore a permanently blocked User Account.


AIT Sp. z o.o. provides its offer and all related materials with relevant information online on the website located at The Service Provider does not expressly provide any guarantees or warranties. The User bears the risk of using the online offer. In particular, the company does not guarantee that the functions and offer available online at will meet Your requirements and will be accessible without interruption or error at all times. For instance, liability for interruptions caused by system failures is excluded.

The Service Provider shall not be held liable to the User and the business entity he/she represents to use the Account for any damage resulting from unintentional fault and shall not be held liable for lost profits. It refers in particular to a delay in delivery or a situation in which the execution of a part or the entire order becomes impossible. In the above cases, the User's funds will be returned in the appropriate amount to the account from which the transfer came following prior arrangement.


The Service Provider may change these Terms of Service for legitimate legal reasons (changes to the generally applicable legal regulations concerning the Service Provider's activity or the form of the Service Provider's activity) or technical reasons (e.g. modernisation of the Website's infrastructure).

Users shall be informed about the change of the Regulations via e-mail, sent at least 14 days before the new Regulations come into force. If the User does not terminate the Agreement within the aforementioned period, he/she shall be deemed to have accepted the amended version of the Regulations without reservations.

The provision of Services that commenced before the amendment of the Regulations remains subject to the provisions of the Regulations in the wording present at the time of commencement of the provision of Services. Amendments to the Regulations may not infringe the rights acquired by the Users.


Since the platform is a place of wholesale trade between companies (B2B), the Service Provider is not obliged to accept returns of any properly ordered, defect-free goods. However, the above provisions do not apply to goods that have been delivered with a material defect.


The law applicable to obligations arising from the Regulations is the law of Poland. Any disputes arising under the Regulations or the Services shall be settled by a common court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Service Provider.

The declarations delivered under the agreement concluded with AIT Sp. z o.o. for the use of online offer at must be made in writing or in electronic form. Therefore, it is the User's responsibility to keep his/her contact details up-to-date in the Account.

This Agreement has been prepared in Polish and foreign language versions. Each time the Agreement is to be translated from the Polish version. In case of discrepancies between the language versions, the Polish version of the Agreement shall prevail.


The Parties declare that in the event that any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or ineffective by virtue of law or a final and legally binding decision of any administrative authority or court, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

The invalid or ineffective provisions of this Agreement shall be replaced hereunder by provisions that are legally valid and fully effective and produce legal effects which produce economic benefits as close as possible to those initially expected.

Date of entry into force of the current version of the Terms of service: 7 December 2020 07.12.2020