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in one destination

Move Your Stock optimizes and automates the car parts trading process.

Full benefits
for companies

Save your precious time and be sure that the parts you need will always be available! Our practical shopping solutions offer benefits for both buyers and sellers. Our platform allows you to make payments in advance easily and securely, giving you full control over the process. The Move Your Stock team will support you in making business decisions by providing the necessary information and analysis to help you maximize profits, save time and grow your business.

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Don't waste your time looking for parts

Save your precious time and find the car parts you need in one place! As a buyer, you know how important it is to be sure that the products you need are available when you need them. That's why we offer an availability guarantee. Our virtual shelves are full of parts from famous brands, ready for immediate delivery. Gain comfort without unnecessary obstacles. With our inventory management system, you can rest assured that whatever you're looking for, we'll always have it in stock.

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in four simple steps



Create a free account on our platform, fill in the necessary data and use our system!


your stocks

After creating an account, go to the "Warehouse" section and upload information about the goods you have.


System will
find a buyer

The system will process the stock levels entered by you and find the right buyers.


the transaction

Congratulations, your goods have been sold! The shortened time of searching for a buyer is an undoubted advantage, right?

We have created a system
worthy of the 21st century

Welcome to a world where your needs always come first. Move Your Stock is an innovative system that provides you with specific and convenient solutions. Are you looking for parts for your car? Or maybe you have a surplus of parts and would like to sell them? Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we have everything you need. Our advantage is that we stock parts from many different sources. The Move Your Stock system was created to simplify the entire process of buying and selling car parts.


All the activities that can be performed in the system, such as uploading and updating inventory, searching for products or accessing statistics, are completely free.

We currently serve more than 100 customers, mainly in Europe.

Although we don't set order limits, however, customers rarely order goods below €2,000.

Algorithms that take into account size, weight and optimize delivery routes are responsible for calculating transportation costs. Shipping cost is paid by the buyer.

Our system works on a prepayment basis. Payments are made at the time of confirming the availability and blocking the goods for the customer, which is the safest form of transaction.

Data is stored on secure, encrypted servers. Backups are also made to keep data current and consistent. We do not transfer data to third parties.

Data is analyzed by the Move Your Stock system's optimization and prediction algorithms to automate processes. A team of IT specialists oversees the development of the system's analytical functions.

The managing entity is AIT Sp. z o.o., based in Poland.

Move Your Stock does not operate and does not plan to operate on a subscription model.

Yes, our system allows order modifications and partial shipments.

Our system offers various options for uploading stocks and searching. We can integrate your system with ours (API) or pull data automatically from FTP to keep it up-to-date and consistent.

Anonymization of transactions is a key element of our system. All shipments come from a central warehouse. Supplier and recipient data are kept confidential.

Goods go directly from our warehouse to customers. We work only with proven logistics companies.

Our revenue is generated only in the case of a successful transaction, where the costs are included in the visible price for the buyer. There are no additional costs.

MoveYourStock system handles only wholesale transactions of B2B customers.

The data comes from analysis of transactions, stocks and predictions performed by the MYS system. They are anonymized and used to optimize transactions between suppliers and customers.